Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Dear Yesy,

May I send you a review of a review? Paul Muldoon. Do you know him? I doubt that you do and I doubt that you'd like him. Let me tell you why you wouldn't and why I would - if either of us come to reading him. Ken Babstock from the Globe writes more about Muldoon's Oxford lectures more than he does on Horse Latitudes - the new book of poems. He gets off on what Charles McGrath from last Sun. New York Times Mag. sites as "stunt reading," and "cryptocurrents." This is how Muldoon does his reading. Ken interprets, "like a shad but stouter, more compressed," as having the "cryptocurrent" of Seamus Heaney. Who cares, right? I do, against my better judgment. I'm walking to the shop to buy it now!


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